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To change India�s destiny, it is important to change the destiny of UP first : PM Modi

 2017-01-02 09:44:28.0


Tahlka News Desk: Lucknow:�While addressing his Parivartan rally in lucknow Ramabai Ambedkar ground Pm Modi did not conquer much as it was expected. Pm modi was pleased with the size of the audience said have not seen such a large gathering in two and a half year.

He said when i'm fighting against corruption and black money, opposition had joined hands to attack him,rather than fight the menace. Pm modi again without identifying anyone made a scathing allegation that BSP was focused on managing its money in bank accounts. While SP quite predictably, came under at tack for the fight in the ruling Yadav clan, who were accused of modi of promoting their interests at the cost of people's welfare. Modi said this is my biggest rally of my career. I'm in politics for many years, i've never ever addressed abigger rally he qutoed it. Modi said if the BJP takes office in UP after14 years, it would be return of development in the state.In an attempt to reach out around 21% dalits in the state, the PM said his government had launched a mobile app for digital transaction recently in the name of BR Ambedkar. The app,BHIM has been named after ambedkar as he had expertise on economic reforms. I don't know why opposition parties are against this name as well. while adressing his rally PM Modi said around Rs 2.5 lakh crore had been given to UP after BJP came to powert at the centre."Had the money be utilised properly, UP would have made huge progress by now". Attacking SP and BSP on demonetisation, he said "Have you seen SP and BSP on the same page? but now they are united against the note ban". he also added that it is strange thet when modi takes money, there are problems and when modi gives money there were problems too. the politics of opposing for no reason has made these parties irrelevant again and again.

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