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Cong to BJP: "Teen saal barbad, lipapoti ki sarkar'

 2017-05-16 11:06:58.0

Cong to BJP:  Teen saal barbad, lipapoti ki sarkar

Tahlka News Bureau

New Delhi: Congress took a dig against the Bahartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, as the NDA government completes three years in office at the centre. Congress leader Jyotiradiya Scindia, during a press conference in New Delhi launched an attack, saying: "In the last three years, in the process of selling dreams of acche din, this government has made people helpless. There is an environment of intolerance rampant in the country. If anybody talks about it,they are termed as anti-nationals. The government decides what the people should eat, learn and wear. This government tries to push its politics based on a regimented ideological approach."

The party also screened a video titled "teen saal barbaad, lipapoti sarkar" at the Congress headquarters.

The Congress leaders pulled out some of the key points of the manifesto and promises made by the Centre and mentioned the schemes which have "not been released including some bumper packages announced to states like Jammu and Kashmir and Bihar' . The main points of criticism included the security in Kashmir, terrorist attacks, intolerance and farmers' woes.

Scyndia also talked about the anti-romeo squads that were formed under the new Yogi Aditynath led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. "The formation of anti-romeo squads, how to question or trouble an individual is policy of the government."

"The government and its representatives have spread an anti-dalit ideology across the country and it is trying to create a alit-free and tribal-free country" he said.

"The RBI is dancing to the tunes of the government… Plannng Commission which formed the economic policies of the country for the last 60 years, is now an architect of bumper lotteries and draw". He was referring to the lottery and draws announced by NITI Aayog, erstwhile Planning Commission, during demonetization to promote digital economy," he said.

Scindia said that the prevailing security situation in Kashmir was the result of a "marriage of convenience between PDP and BJP". "Whenever there is a terrorist attack or a border security situation, it is said that we will respond strongly. However, nothing is done".

Congress laser Sachin Pilot added that "farmers of the country are suffering more anguish than anyone." The BJP is diverting attention from important issues to sentimental issues, he said.


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