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Sanders calls for recounting of Kentucky primary

 2016-05-25 05:08:43.0

download (5)Washington:��Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has requested a recount of the votes for the Kentucky state primary held last week in which the winner was party front-runner Hillary Clinton.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes announced that the Sanders campaign has asked for the re-canvass by requesting verification and recount of each ballot box and absentee ballot in all polling stations and counties, EFE news reported.

"My office is notifying all county boards of elections that Senator Sanders has requested a recanvass, and we are reminding them of the laws and procedures to be followed," stated Grimes.

According to the first count, Clinton won the Kentucky primaries, held on May 17, by only 1,924 votes.

The difference was so marginal that both Clinton and Sanders landed the same number of delegates in Kentucky, 27, something that is not expected to change after the re-canvass.

In case the new results favour the Vermont senator, it would only serve as a symbolic victory.

It is practically impossible for Sanders to clinch the Democratic nomination since the former US secretary of state is leading the race by 3 million votes but he has said on several occasions that he will remain in the race until the July party convention and that he will fight for each vote in the states that have not yet gone to the polls. (IANS)

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