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Of science, the world of Pangea and tips to plan life post-retirement

 2015-12-25 04:40:36.0

Science Ever wondered how science impacts our daily lives? Learn about physics and physicists and how their inventions have transformed our lives. Then, a fictional journey of a teen girl to Pangea for a new future after the end of World War III. And a guide on how to plan your life post-retirement. There's assorted fare on the IANS bookshelf this weekend. Read on! 1. Book: 10 Physicists who transformed our understanding of Reality; Authors: Rhodri Evans and Brian Clegg; Publisher: Robinson; Pages: 257; Price: Rs.399 Highlighting the importance of physics and its practical applications that have transformed our lives, the book explores about the extraordinary contribution of 10 physicists to human knowledge, some household names and others not so well-known. Science writers Rhodri Evans and Brian Clegg present a chronological list of those considered the 10 top-most significant physicists - Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Marie Curie, Rutherford, Einstein, Bohr, Dirac and Feynman - to trace and explain the most significant advances in physics over more than 400 years. 2. Book: Pangea; Author: Talaiya Safdar: Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 274; Price: 299 The book, written by Talaiya Safdar takes us to the world of Suni, the 17-year-old protagonist who is about to begin a perfect life on Pangea, a new world which follows the principle of true harmony after the catastrophic World War III. But her world turns upside down when her memories return and she discovers that what she has known about herself is fake and joins a ragtag group of rebels. The book unfolds her struggles to find out who she really is. 3. Book: Reboot Reinvent Rewire; Author: Ashutosh Garg; Publisher: Collins; Pages: 145; Price: Rs 250 Ever thought what to do in life after retirement? Playing with grandchildren, watching television or lazily lying at home is what most retired people do. However, instead of wasting time by gazing at the stars, retired people can utilize their ample time to plan things for a better future. Ashutosh Garg's book is a well-written guide for those who have already retired or are on the verge of retirement. Retirement can become an individual's best years if planned well ahead. This book tells you how to do so properly. 4. Book: Chance; Author: Edited by Michael Brooks; Publisher: Profile Books; Pages: 266; Price: Rs 399 Ever wondered what it takes to make a perfect bet or what leads towards a sexual attraction? Science has all the answers. After the bestselling work "Nothing", this book again brings together some of the New Scientists' sharpest minds. The book provides fascinating details into luck, randomness, risk and probability. Edited by Michael Brooks, the book explains the secrets behind coincidences or the science of random number generation - the weird and wonderful world of what we call chance.

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