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Seoul prepares for possible Pyongyang ballistic missile launch

 2016-04-14 07:29:47.0

images (16)Seoul:�South Korea's defence ministry on Thursday said the military is preparing for possible launch of ballistic missile by North Korea.

Defence Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-Kyun said the military is closely monitoring and preparing for the possibility for Pyongyang's fifth nuclear test and the launch of ballistic missiles such as Musudan missiles, Xinhua news agency reported.

Moon said it would be in line with top North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's orders on March 15 to test a nuclear warhead and ballistic rockets capable of carrying the warhead.

Regarding possibility for the launch of ballistic missiles from mobile launcher, Moon said it was possible for North Korea to launch mobile ballistic missiles, noting that the military continued the monitoring and tracking of such possibility.

The spokesman, however, noted that Pyongyang is yet to issue a no-navigation zone in waters off the country, widely seen as a sign to launch ballistic missiles.(IANS)

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