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Sprituality may end sadness says Paramahamsa Yognandini

 2017-01-07 10:03:04.0

parul-1 Tahlka News Desk Lucknow: If people feels balanced and stress free life through my knowledge then i'm grateful to all those who follow me, with this resolution Paramahansa Yoganandini' Parul Van Dam' is on her journey. Currently living in latin american country 'Puerto Rico' spreading knowledge all over the world through nonprofit organisation called 'Namaskar Soul'. She went from Rajasthan, Kota district to California and Denmark, where she became Parul to Yoganandini. While talking to Tahlka news Parul says my whole family was spritual and my grand father Sukhdev Prasad was a royal master. He has received god durga blessings and also he has seen God Durga. My family was of ancient spritual traditions, later I feel something is in me which makes me feel related to future happenings. parul While adding to her denmark experience she forecast the same experience to it, Parul says that she always had a dream where a house is full of mango trees, where the windmills are moving, large grounds are there, and when I went to Denmark because of my husband's job it was exactly the same place which comes in my dream. And then i got the power of knowledge there and she got herself as a Paramahansa Yoganandini. At the age of 21 Parul went to california and in 2009 she maarried to a scientist and she became Parul Van Dam. She was attached to spiritualism so she started taking clasess of meditation in california. Parul says that at that time we were not having the full knowledge of culture and Devotion, but knows what would be the effect. Speaking to her journey Yoganandini says' Goddess Durga ordered me to go to west, so i went there and now its order to go ahead with this. I was the first one in the series who became the Paramahansa Yoganandini. There are many who would have the power but not their purpose so sacred is the ultimate power to stop them. Parul is not happy with the growing market of yoga, she says - "the concept of yoga itself has changed.

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