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Stock Market To Remain Dull For Next Six Months

 2015-11-09 14:52:38.0

bse-reuters_660_072115100946Tahlka News Beurau

Lucknow : The Indian stock markets to remain down in the coming six months. The quarterly results of companies have not shown any sign of the revival of the stock market. The poor or the dismal profits have results in the slowdown of the stocks of many sector.

As per the financial experts, the Indian Market will be in a range for the next two quarters given the lack of earnings growth. Earnings are expected to pick up from Mar '16, which will lead to a gradual pick up in the broad market. Nifty could reach upto its previous peak of 9100 by Mar'16 and possibly move up on favourable macro conditions.

The recommended Sector till Next Samvat are Auto, Select private banks and NBFCs. Besides select pharma stocks are expected to do well. Among the sectors should be avoided are metals and chemicals.

Experts says that sectors which are exposed globally could face headwinds. Global commodity sectors like metals, chemicals can be avoided. High debt sectors like infra [select companies] can also be avoided.

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