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Tulsidas birthplace: epitome of neglect

 2015-12-13 12:08:11.0

M Hasan

Rajapur, the birthplace of great epic poet Tulsidas, whose Ramayana is soul of this nation, is yearning for attention of SaHasan sir- 1majwadi Party government. Extreme backwardness, no trace of developmental activities and utter neglect of hapless poor people present a sordid picture of this historical region. Water and roads are two potential political weapons for this region.

Like any other parts of Bundelkhand, which is groaning under the heels of acute scarcity, Tulsidas Janmabhoomi is no different. Resentment is brewing among the people who are victims of three years of continuous drought. They have not received any governmental assistance except false promises from most corrupt official machinery. Octogenarian Jamuna Prasad Bose lamented over massive corruption. The financial distress in rural areas has also badly affected urban centres Banda, Chitrakoot, Naraini and others as these centres fed the rural masses.

Vast track of barren land, no trace of vegetation for miles together in Banda, Mahoba and Chitrakoot presented gloomy picture. According to information nearly ten lakh people have migrated from this region to other areas for sustenance. In Mahoba also beetle farming has been badly affected. Though Bundelkhand had been victim of scarcity in the past also, this time it seems to be worst.TULASIDAS TEMPLE

The prevailing depressing socio-economic scenario has also made political situation quite volatile. While anti-incumbency against the SP government has assumed serious dimension, the people, who had voted for BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha election in Bundelkhand are quite unhappy with saffron party. The people were quite hopeful of alleviation of their suffering after NDA victory but nothing has materialized so far, said a social activist of Chitrakoot Badri Prasad. Even anger is growing against union minister of state Sadhvi Niranjan (MP from Fatehpur), who belongs to Hamipur, for failing to help people out of crisis.

It is the growing vacuum (resentment against SP and growing disenchantment against BJP) which the BSP has been trying exploit through its caste calculation, especially among dominant Nishad and Lodh communities. But this party too has pain in its neck caused by rebel/sacked Daddu Prasad who has opened front against Mayawati.

The people and especially the community also appeared to be disenchanted with SP�s general secretary Vishambhar Nishad, who had deserted BSP to join SP. By default Muslims who constitute a very small segment also appeared to be tilting towards BSP.

In Banda the people were also extremely angry over alleged large-scale prevailing corruption in newly established medical college. A faculty member of the college said rampant corruption in the college in connivance with top bosses in government has also caused resentment among the people. He said if the present level of corruption continued the college would crash.

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