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After midnight shut Petrol Pumps reopens in Lucknow on Tuesday

 2017-05-02 08:43:48.0

After midnight shut Petrol Pumps reopens in Lucknow on Tuesday

Tahlka News Bureau
Lucknow: Mongers in Lucknow have reopened the fuel station on Tuesday after the midnight shut, the strike calls off after the meeting held by district administration and petrol pump association.

Petrol pump owners had decided to close shop on Monday after the state government Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan have ordered an inspection of all fuel pumps in Uttar Pradesh, and random checks across the country, after the scam was exposed.

The raid was conducted across Uttar Pradesh to catch those cheating customers with devices that would dispense less fuel than displayed. The shutdown has triggered rush at the handful of outlets, mostly owned by government oil companies, on Tuesday morning.

Although, the Lucknow Petroleum Products Dealers Association, have met local officials on Tuesday, had also sought a sort of "amnesty" period for cheating operators to come clean, "having realised their mistake".

As of officials have warned of strict action against dealers if continued to strike for "an irrelevant cause".

Uttar Pradesh police unearthed last week that a widespread rigging racket in the state, where dealers deployed electronic chips in their fuel pumps to manipulate the volumes being bought by customers. The special task force said that they estimated 80% of the pumps in UP were involved in the fraud, fleecing Rs 200 crore every month from their customers.

"Dealers are not on strike but the staff at petrol pumps are feeling scared to work. We are in a fix because of that, and if employees don't turn up fearing action from STF (special task force), then it would be difficult for us to run the petrol pumps", the association's secretary Sudhir Bora told.

After the raid out of 152 petrol pumps only 4 petrol pumps have opened in the morning as the rest were closed. There were fears that the shutdown would extend to the rest of the state.

"The dealers have met the chief minister and other officials, including the chief secretary, on Monday to plead for amnesty scheme as many of the petrol pumps may be affected everybody wants to get rid of this as soon as possible", Bora said.

There are around 6,300 petrol pumps in the state, and 152 of them in the state capital.

Dealerships that are caught will lose their licence.


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