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CM Yogi instructed official to complete the development of the Chawka ghat during surprise visit to Varanasi

 2017-05-27 17:10:24.0

CM Yogi instructed official to complete the development of the Chawka ghat during surprise visit to Varanasi

Tahlka News Bureau

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Aditynath completed development projects in line today here in Varnasi determining its quality and standards instructed.

He said that the construction work in the areas should be completed before the deadline in such a way that people do not have to face any inconvenience in traffic and damages to the water and sewer pipelines.

During his inspection he visited development projects of Varanasi Chowka Ghat and Manduadih flyover, Sankuladhara Talab, Durgakund Talaab, BHU towards the river and the Shiv Prasad Gupta Secondary Hospital along side Ganga river.

Chief Minister instructed to complete the Chowka Ghat Lehartara and Manduadih Flyovers construction within a time frame. During the Manduadih flyover inspection, the chief minister talked about the depletion of water and sewer line in the area during the construction.

He also told directed the officials of the Setu Corporation to complete the project as soon as possible after reviewing the map of the flyover.

At the Sankuladhara pond, Yogi instructed to complete the drilling work and said that the pond should be digged deeper enough that the pond should remain in the foothills. He instructed the official to ensure that the construction work is not troubling the public.

Yogi inspected the bridge being constructed on the river Ganga towards BHU and gave instruction to complete the work before June 27. Giving the directives that they can add more skill full hands to complete the work but they will not be given any extra time. He also insisted the work to be of good quality.

The chief minster met chef secretariat Shiv Prasad and received information about the medical facilities being provided by the state government. They met the patients admitted in the clinic and observed it to be well equipped with medical systems. He also expressed distress when he saw the main hole in the contingency ward of the hospital wide open, and instructed the officials to immediately fix it.


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