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Pm Modi playing communal politics: Mayawati

 2017-02-25 04:42:58.0

Pm Modi playing communal politics: Mayawati

Tahlka News Desk
Fatehpur: BSP chief Mayawati accused Pm Modi of ignoring issues of national interests to play communal politics and influence voters in UP assembly elections.
Mayawati said instead of worrying about issues like the US curtailing H1-B visa that could potentially affect the country's IT industry, Modi was worried about 'Qabristan', 'Shamshan' and 'Kasab'. "He is not even bothered about the killing of an Indian in the US. The neglect was not less than 'criminal' for a person holding the seat of the PM," she said.

Speaking in fatehpur rally pointing to modi mayawati said "If you create Qabristan (cemetery) in a village, then a shamshaan (cremation ground) should also be created. If there's an uninterrupted electricity supply for Ramzan, then it should be so for Diwali too."A day later, BJP national president Amit Shah said the people of UP should get rid of KASAB (Ka for Congress, Sa for Samajwadi Party and B for Bahujan Samaj Party).


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