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UP: 'will skin you alive' says BJP MP to ASP

 2017-04-28 14:28:36.0

UP: will skin you alive says BJP MP to ASP

Tahlka News Bureau

Barabanki: BJP's MP Priyanka Singh Rawat from Barabanki, threatening the Additional Superintendent of Police, Gyananjay Sigh said that she will 'skin him alive' as she simlply did not liked his attitude.

* The BJP lawmaker alleged, that the Police officer misbehaved and showed poor attitude after she called him for a murder investigation case which was under his supervision.

* The officer allegedly told the MP that he is a police officer and knows what he is doing.

* Ms Rawat shouted at the officer over the phone for his behavior saying, "I will get all the malai out, khaal bhi khiuchwa lungi (I will get all the illegal wealth seized, will skin you alive).

* During a press conference when Ms Rawat was asked about the incident, she repeated the threat without any sign hesitation.

* The Lawmaker from Brabanki backed her statement saying, "We have Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government at the center and Yogi Adityanath's government in Uttar Pradesh. Only those who perform will stay in this district. If their conduct doesn't improve, then we will struck action and their record will be checked."

* They have repeated enough under the previous government. Khaal utaar denge (will skin them) if they do not work properly, she added during the press conference.


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