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Venezuela to sue US for 'international illegality'

 2015-10-30 09:57:03.0


Caracas:�Venezuela will sue the US for the "international illegality" of the executive order issued by President Barack Obama in March imposing sanctions on Venezuelan officials for violation of human rights and declaring the country a threat. "Venezuela is going to file a lawsuit in US courts for international illegality of Barack Obama's executive order that threatens Venezuela since March 9 this year," declared President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday. "We cannot have that decree there, and least of all now when they (the US) have resumed making statements against Venezuela on a daily basis," Efe news quoted Maduro as saying. Maduro mentioned recent comments by John Kelly, current commander of US Southern Command, who said last week the people of Venezuela are suffering terribly as the economy is on the brink of implosion, with a 200 percent inflation rate this year and a severe shortage crisis. "The US has resumed conspiring (against Venezuela): this is what the Pentagon showed through the Southern Command; conspiring against the Bolivarian Revolution, against the legitimate government that I preside over and against the (legislative) elections of December 6," Maduro added. His statement comes at a time when the U.S. has said it does not rule out widening the sanctions against the Venezuelan officials, if required, and that the December legislative elections will play an important part in determining if that is done.

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