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Wear your pencil skirt right

 2016-02-22 10:13:24.0

4-SJNew Delhi :While other skirts may fall in and out of fashion, you can always rely on pencil skirts for creating a silhouette that is tasteful and timeless. One can pair it with an oversized T-shirt or with a striped blouse and a structured blazer to look stylish, says an expert. Ragini Vijay, look good advisor of Myntra, has shared some innovative styling tips: * The off duty model: Simply pair an oversized T-shirt with a pencil skirt in an attention-grabbing colour like red. Choose a T-shirt with a simple pattern or logo to keep it classy. *The girl next door: A knitted sweater adds a cosy texture to any outfit and dresses it down for a casual affair. Pair a printed pencil skirt with an oversized sweater and glitzy heels for an effortlessly feminine look. *The sports junkie: Keep your look sporty and casual by pairing a black pencil skirt with a graphic-printed T-shirt and hi-tops. Throw in a leather jacket to toughen up your look. *The alpha female: Pair a textured pencil skirt with a striped blouse and a structured blazer. Keep the colours light and breezy during the summer to keep your look from becoming too severe. *The urban warrior: Make your way through the urban jungle by pairing a striped pencil skirt with a denim shirt. Throw in a pair of brightly oloured heels and bag to really make a statement. (IANS)

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